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Death and the Maiden-Ariel Dorfman

A Short Story-Mostafa Mastoor

Shahreh Ghesse - Bijan Mofid

EntezarehSahar-Mohsen Yalfani

Gilgamesh with A Long Prologue -

George Charbak
The Last Temptation of Aristotle or A Last Minute Contemplation on the Epic of

Gilgamesh.—George Charbak
Endgame - Samuel Beckett
Waiting For Godot - Samuel Beckett
Krapp's Last tape - Samuel Beckett
Tooth and Consequences-

George Feydeau
Harmfulness of Smoking Tobacco -

Anton Chekhov
The Bear - Anton Chekhov
The Man with A Flower in His Mouth -
Luigi Pirandello
Six Characters in Search of An Author -
Luigi Pirandello
The Stronger - August Strindberg
Creditors - August Strindberg
The Dumb Waiter- Harold Pinter
The Bay At Nice - David Hare 

Escorial - Michel  DeGhelderode