As a non-profit organization, we provide artistic, educational, and cultural programs and activities to the general public in order to further understandings and appreciation of the arts. TheatreInSearch conducts a number of activities including new and established Play Reading, Theatre Workshops, and Radio Project. We organize and schedule all of our performances and activities by locating and using main stages, available alternative performance spaces, and virtual venues.

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an entertaining mixture of action, philosophy and humor.....The staging is imaginative.

Roham Sheikhani

 We hold general auditions.  Check with us for more information.

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TheatreInSearch came together after the production of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot in 1985. The founder’s desire--Hayedeh Doroudy-Ahi and George Charbak- is to continue working with creative artists to produce entertaining and thought provoking plays. 

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